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Our Most Popular Maintenance Services 

Regular maintenance and repair of your vehicle will keep it operating safely for longer. 

  • Preventative maintenance service
  • Promotes vehicle performance
  • Extends life of vehicle
  • Oil change recommended every 5000km or 6 months
$ 37 .50


Out of province inspection
  • Rate applies to automotive and light RV
  • Inspection performed by a certified journeyman
  • We are licensed by Alberta Transportation’s Vehicle Inspection Program
$ 250


Insurance safety inspection
  • Insurance companies require vehicles 12 years or older to be inspected before they can be insured.
  • Useful when purchasing a used car
  • Inspection performed by a certified journeyman
$ 125


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We Specialize in a Variety of Maintenance and Repair Services 

  • Automotive Repairs on all Makes and Models
  • Standard Maintenance Service
  • Transmission
  • Engine Services
  • Wheel Balancing and Tire Rotation
  • Air Conditioning Repair Services
  • Exhaust Services
  • Brake Services
  • Auto Electrical Services
  • Diesel Engine Repair
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Warranty Expiration Inspection
  • Engine Diagnostics

Two Wheels, Three Wheels, Four 
Wheels, or More…

We do it all. If your vehicle needs servicing, we are here to help. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Impeccable customer service! Ian really went above and beyond helping me out. He came and checked out my vehicle when I was worried about driving it, and escorted me to the shop making sure I had no issues on the way. I was so pleased with the pricing and willingness to help! My transportation from Canmore to Exshaw was taken care of when my vehicle was ready. Can’t recommend these guys enough!!!!!!

Nikki Wise 

Facebook Reviews  – April 25, 2019 

Our preferred mechanic for cvip commercial vehicle inspections, great people, honest, reliable, trustworthy mechanics. Also, a great place for your car and motorcycles as well. They have shuttle service if needed. And have the most convenient location in Exshaw. I have gone to cochrane for all these services in the past, since Canmore had too few mechanics and the wait was incredibly long.

Claude Faerden

Google Reviews – November 2019 

…Ian was very helpful in chatting about different issues and solutions and even offered to come meet with me when he was in Banff because he had the time. Who does that!We took 2 vans out to the shop and not only did they shuttle my mate and I back to Banff, they finished the van in record time (both of them), cheaper then expected and even fixed a few things that appeared when they were doing the work – they installed a door handle I had sitting on the seat just because that’s the kind of people they are. What would have taken me however long, takes them 2 seconds and its these small things I loved…

Lewis Statham

Facebook Reviews – May 25, 2019 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive my vehicle if the ‘red oil can’ light is on?

If the red oil can light comes on while you are driving your vehicle, pull over to the side of the road when/where it is safe to do so and turn off the engine. The red oil can light comes on because the pump is not circulating enough oil to the engine. This can be caused by little/no oil or low oil pressure. It is not safe to drive your vehicle while the red oil can light is on. Driving with the oil light on can lead to irreparable damage to your engine. We advise calling a tow truck company to move your vehicle and have a mechanic inspect your engine for issues.

Is it necessary to change the timing belt when recommended?

The timing belt is an important part of a vehicle’s engine that can cause expensive damage if they snap while you are driving. For this reason, it is important to replace your timing belt in the recommended time frame as described in your vehicle’s owner manual. While timing belts don’t always show signs that they need replacing, it is possible to have a mechanic look at your vehicle’s timing belt for signs of cracks or wear and tear. 

Depending on your engine, replacing the water pump at the same time as the timing belt is recommended. Your mechanic will be able to advise. 

When should I get the tires on my vehicle rotated?

We recommend getting your tires rotated every 6 months or 8000kms (whichever comes first). Due to the cold winters in the Bow Valley, many Albertans switch their tires over semi annually: all season tires are commonly installed in April – June and winter tires are typically installed in October – January. Having two sets of tires not only increases their longevity and your safety while driving, but it also eliminates the need for most drivers to have their tires rotated throughout the year. 

With our seasonal tire change service we will look for signs of wear on your tires and use that as a guide for tire placement. As an added bonus, we also offer complimentary tire storage at our shop!